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  • 1. What are your sheds made out of and how are they constructed?
    All our sheds are constructed of solid wood. We don't use OSB, plywood or any glue products in the construction of our sheds. We use 2x4, 4x4, 2x6 and 2x8 lumber in the framing along with rough sawn 1x8 White Pine for the floor, siding and roof. Come take a look at our demo sheds to see (and smell) for yourself! Our floors are framed with 4x4's on 24" centers. We support the floor framing with concrete blocks on the ends and middle of each joist. As an example - a standard 8x12 garden shed would have 21 points of contact under the floor. Wow, what great weight distribution! We clad the floor with a solid 1x8 pine planks for a rustic and durable foundation strong enough for any lawn mower or ATV you want to store.
  • 2. What is the difference between a High Gable and Low Gable shed?
    Depending on your storage needs, we have two standard sizes to choose from. Our Low Gable sheds are typically smaller and ideal for backyards with less space and simple storage needs. The side walls are 64" tall (just over 5 feet) and because of this, the door and windows are limited to the front wall (or Gable wall). With a steeper roof pitch than the High Gable design, there is still adequate head room for moving around and hanging various items like bikes and yard tools. In contrast, our High Gable sheds have a taller side wall. This is our most popular style of sheds because they are so versatile! from bunk houses to garden sheds to small workshops, the High Gable has endless possibilities! With the taller walls, we are able to position the door anywhere on the shed. If you desire an insulated door or roll-up door, we can raise the walls even higher to expand your shed possibilities!
  • 3. What is included with the shed Pricing?
    Our standard shed pricing includes more than just the shed! Our basic price list (excluding the extras and added options) comes with a single door (30" wide), two (2) windows with window boxes, your choice of stain (100% acrylic) from our pallet and choice of shingle colour to complete the perfect look. On top of this, we also include installation and delivery*! (*delivery is a little extra if beyond 30km from our shop)
  • 4. Is the floor included?
    We build the floor into the pricing of any shed 100 square feet or less. That means the floor is also included! If you desire a larger structure (over 100 square feet) and also need a wood floor - this can be provided during the quote depending on the needs of your shed.
  • 5. I already have a concrete pad or wood platform - can you install on top of it?
    Yes we sure can! But first we need to make sure it can handle one of our own strucures and confirm the correct size. If this is the case for you please reach out to coordinate a site visit with us so we can determine if this is a good option. If the shed is less than 100 square feet, then we can even provide a discount on the shed for providing a floor.
  • 6. I want a concrete pad under my shed, but I don't have one yet.
    We are always happy to install our sheds onto a properly formed concrete base. We have certain requirements for a concrete pad, mainly that is is the correct size, flat and level. We keep fairly busy with sheds, so we don't have the time to pour customer pads ourselves, however, we will do our best to help facilitate the process through a 3rd party.
  • 7. What do I need to do before my install?
    Once we have confirmed an installation date, all we require from the customer is a flat and level area for the shed to be installed. This can be on grass, gravel, asphalt or concrete. If you have grass where the shed is going, please give is a short mow if you are able and whenever necessary - please remove any doggy "landmines" in your yard.
  • 8. What if the area is not level where I want to put the shed?
    We have had our share of unlevel work sites. Aesthetically, a level site always looks best for your shed. This is typically a case by case scenario, but we can make some recommendations as to the best way to prepare your shed site depending on your abilities and needs.
  • 9. Can I get something a little more custom than what I see on your website?
    Yes, of course! Because of the nature of custom work, we don't have any standard pricing available. This is typically done during the quote. Most of our sheds hold the same "rustic charm" kind of look. But if you require a particular shape, design or function for your shed - please contact us!
  • 10. I want the shed in my backyard, can you get back there?
    Absolutely. All our sheds are pre-fabricated in our shop to each customers specifications. We deliver and assemble the shed components onsite (Picture a ginger bread house kit - but much heavier and less edible). Because of this process, we are able to get into backyards, around corners, etc. All we need is access to the area 30" wide without overhead obstructions. If there is an arbour over a gate we ask that is is removed prior to our arrival.
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